Project description

Multilateral Comenius School Partnership

The project ‘N.E.S.T. – New Europe with Stronger Ties’ addresses the fundamental issues of contemporary world: cultural and religious diversity, national identity, equal rights and ecology. We drew our inspirations from Paul Gauguin’s famous painting: ‘Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?’. Each of those 3 existential questions corresponds to 3 thematic areas of the project:

  1. Our Roots
  2. Our European Identity
  3. Common Future in the United World

Impact on students:

  • increase motivation in learning foreign languages and develop language competence through real-life conversations in multilingual context.
  • foster lasting friendships free from prejudices and stereotypes
  • redefine Ss identity and assist to generate a responsible and tolerant European citizen

Impact on teachers:

  • enhance Teachers’ linguistic fluency and develop ICT-based skills
  • contribute to Teachers’ professional development through staff mobilities.
  • offer a chance to understand partners’ educational realities and priorities
  • equip Teachers with new qualifications by confronting their techniques with foreign solutions

Impact on schools :

  • introduce changes to curriculum by integrating project activities into didactic process
  • contribute to changes in school arrangements,management systems and procedures
  • develop unitary approach to language teaching policy
  • deepen European dimension at schools

The partner schools are:

  • Gimnazjum im. Mikołaja Siemiona w Krzczonowie (coordinating school – Poland)
  • Istituto Comprensivo San Giorgio di Mantova (Italy)
  • Liceul Teoretic Dante Alighieri – Bucharest (Romania)
  • Colegio Nuestra Señora de Monte-Sion – Torrent (Spain)
  • Celal Yardimci Ortaokulu – Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Rigas 88. Vidusskola (Latvia)
  • 1 Gimnasio Kalampakas (Greece)